Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11

Overnight we received just over 2.5" of fresh white lovely snow.Making our base average 30.5".The high will be around 30 with flurries expected throughout the day. 15km of trails have been freshly groomed as of 8am this morning.


  1. Thank you to whoever started doing the updates daily (and with a photo too)!!!!!!

  2. No problem, it's fun for us too!

  3. Oh No, 2.5 inches... quick, shut down the roads!

  4. We're visiting MS Lodge for the first time this April. Any suggestions for activities we shouldn't miss (either at the Lodge or nearby)? Have three small kids.

  5. Hi "Anonymous with three small kids",
    Activities at the lodge will be posted when you arrive and will depend on the weather conditions at the time. Your children, ages 5 and up, can join the kids' program, while the adults can enjoy the adult activities on offer. For the adults, I would not miss the opportunity to hike to the top of Mount Baldy for the 360-degree views -- Spectacular!
    I have two elementary-aged kids and here are some of the other great things to do in the Parks:
    1) General Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park - beautiful grove of old growth sequoias; great place for kids to safely explore.
    2) Drive to Giant Forest - Stop at the General Sherman Tree along the way (World's biggest Tree), Visit the Beetle Rock Education Center (interactive museum for young children), Climb up Moro Rock Stairs (great views), Walk on top of Auto Log and Drive through Tunnel Log (all of these are great for young children)
    3) If you want to travel a bit further, the drive into Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon is stunning. Along the way, stop and take the Boyden Cavern Cave Tour (this is a great Cave Tour for kids!), Stop and look at Grizzley Falls, just on the side of the road after you pass Boyden Cavern, and then head into Cedar Grove to see more waterfalls and Granite domes.
    4) Hume Lake - Hume is a small detour off the drive to Cedar Grove. It has public areas and is also the site of a Christian camp. You can swim at the public beach areas (if it is warm enough), and the Christian camp rents boats, kayaks, canoes and bicycles to the general public. They also have a great little snack shop that has great milkshakes for the kids. It is a beautiful spot.

    As you get closer to your trip, you should contact the Montecito Front desk to find out what types of activities they'll probably have on offer during your stay (unless there is still lots of snow, they will probably be offering some of the activities listed under the "Spring" Activities on the website).

    Hope this helps!!!

  6. Thank you for all the ideas!!
    -Anonymous with three small kids.