Saturday, January 17, 2009

Montecito Weather Report

It has been very sunny and warm in Montecito for about three weeks. Even though it has been in the high 50s , we have plenty of snow 0n the ground to conduct our winter sports and activities. The snow conditions are sluchy during the day time and icy during the evening.
The forecast for this week is as follows...

Saturday Night- Clear, with a low around 29 F.
Sunday - Sunny with a high of near 52 F.
Sunday Night- Clear, with a low around 28.
Monday(MLK Day)- Sunny with high near 55. During the night a low of 28.
Tuesday- Mostly sunny with a high of 28. Partly cloudy during the night witha low of 28.
Wednesday-Partly sunny , witha high near 47 and a slight chance of snow during the evening with a low of 28.


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